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    Carlin Buhrman, MA, LCMFT, EMDR-Certified
    Licensed Clinical Marriage and Family Therapist

    Carlin founded Central Kansas Counseling in 2014 with a desire to provide accessible and quality counseling resources to the rural communities surrounding Hesston. After earning her Masters in 2004, she gained experience working in Employee Assistance and private practice settings.

    Carlin is certified in EMDR which helps others process traumatic events, resolve phobias, and correct negative and untrue beliefs about ourselves. In addition to traditional therapy she also offers EMDR Intensives. EMDR Intensives can reduce treatment time by months. Click here to learn more. Her education, skill set, and compassion makes her an excellent fit for clients ages 18 and up.

    Areas of Interest include: Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, Grief, PTSD, Parenting, Life Transitions

    Kylie Moore, MS, LCMFT, RPT
    Licensed Clinical Marriage and Family Therapist, Registered Play Therapist

    Kylie Moore is a Licensed Clinical Marriage and Family Therapist as well as a Registered Play Therapist. She earned her Master’s Degree in 2014 from Friend’s University.

    After spending significant time in agency work, Kylie is pursuing her private practice at Central KS Counseling. She specializes in counseling with children ages 5 through college.

    Areas of Interest include: ADHD, Anger Attachment Issues, Grief Mindfulness, Anxiety, Depression, Parenting Skills, Play Therapy

    Jennifer Smalley, MS, LCMFT
    Licensed Clinical Marriage and Family Therapist

    Jen Smalley is a Licensed Clinical Marriage and Family Therapist who earned her Master’s degree from Friends University in 2011.

    Jen is trained and experienced in working with individuals, couples, and families age 10 and up. She has experience in various backgrounds, including teaching psychology and Community Mental Health.

    Areas of Interest include: Anxiety, Depression, Christian/spiritual counseling, Life Transitions, Grief, Couples Counseling, Parenting Skills, Women’s issues

    Jackie Winslow, MS, LCP, Brainspotting-Certified
    Licensed Clinical Psycotherapist

    Jackie Winslow is a Licensed Clinical Psychotherapist who earned her Master’s degree from Emporia State University in 2017. Prior to joining CKC, Jackie gained experience in both Community Mental Health and group agency settings.

    Jackie is certified in Brainspotting: A physiological, focused therapy approach which works by helping an individual locate, process, and release sources of emotional and physical pain and trauma where it has been suppressed in the brain. Her experience and training make her ideal for clients ages 12 years and up.

    Areas of interest include: Anxiety, Depression, OCD, Trauma, Grief, Couples Counseling, Interpersonal Therapy, Life Transitions, and Faith-based Counseling

    Erica Haude, MA, LCPC-P

    Erica is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor who earned her Master’s degree in Counseling from Denver Seminary in 2010. Prior to joining CKC, Erica worked in community-based mental health, residential treatment with adolescents and families, and on a college campus.

    Erica is trained in EMDR which can be a highly effective treatment approach for those struggling with the effects of trauma, anxiety, depression and other negative self-beliefs. Her experience and training make her ideal for clients ages 12 years and up.

    Her areas of interest include: Trauma, Grief, Anxiety, Depression, Adoption/Foster Care, PTSD, Infertility, Attachment, and Family Systems

    Karla Roth, MSW, LSCSW
    Licensed Specialist Clinical Social Worker

    Karla Roth is a Licensed Specialist Clinical Social Worker who earned her Master’s degree from the University of Kansas.

    Karla has spent the majority of her clinical career in community mental health centers. Her interest in cognition and behavior led her to attain certification for behavioral therapies in primary care. She served as a behavioral health consultant in a community health clinic for six years.

    Knowing that change is difficult, Karla will work with you as you reveal life’s experiences that have shaped thinking and beliefs, consequential behaviors, and the process that activates change for a better quality of life.

    Areas of interest include: motivation and readiness to take steps toward change whether that be anxiety, depression, trauma, family/relationships, issues that present in childhood, adolescence, young adulthood, parenting, mid-life and aging, as well as healthy lifestyle changes such as tobacco cessation and weight management.

    Karla is experienced in working with all ages, preschoolers to older adults.