Executive & Personal Coaching


In this phase, we’ll talk about what interests you in a coaching engagement. What is going well for you? What are your current leadership or personal challenges?  What do you want more of and where do you want to be a year from now?

We’ll explore whether coaching is a good fit for you and outline next steps.


Once we've decided a coaching engagement makes sense, you'll move into the assessment phase. You'll complete a coaching agreement and begin filling out a coaching questionnaire. The questionnaire will lead you to look at all areas of life and identify what would be different following a  coaching engagement. 


The Discovery phase utilizes several tools designed to gain insight into who you are. Personality assessments, emotional intelligence assessments, 360 feedback assessments, and a variety of exercises are used to provide information to further dial in your coaching goals. 


With the additional information from the Discovery phase, we'll create specific goals and outcomes that create the impact you desire to live and lead with more effectiveness. 


In the execution phase, we'll stay laser focused on what you determine is going to move the needle in a positive direction. Assignments will be given that lead toward the desired outcomes. Your coach will hold you accountable to the actions you state are important to you. Growth and results will be measured as you take important steps. 


Toward the end of the coaching engagement we'll pause to reflect on the progress you've made and results you've achieved. We'll evaluate what has changed and the effort it took to get there. Finally, we'll look at what challenge you're ready to tackle next. 

More Impact & Purpose

Caching engagements provide clients with clarity of what they want more of in life, strategies to provide direction, and healthy accountability to achieve the desired results.

We love working with high capacity, motivated clients who are ready to take an honest look at themselves to create a path forward that allows them to reach their potential and have the impact they were created to have.

We believe that coaching is the best leadership development tool as the client is regularly in contact with someone whose sole focus is their success and development. 

Tools Used In Engagements


A deep dive into your emotional intelligence (EQ-i). The EQ-i explores the five areas of emotional intelligence: self-perception, self expression, interpersonal, decision making, and stress management.  This tool provides insights into each of these composites that will be used to leverage strengths and identify gaps in leadership. 

360 Feedback

This assessment is a deep dive into how those around you perceive you. Your coach will interview several contacts from various parts of your life to get a clear view of who you are. Identities are protected as the coach identifies themes and takeaways from the interviews. A report is generated offering the client a look into how people view them as a person and leader. 

Team Dynamics

This assessment identifies your strengths, motives, conflict style and over-done strengths while comparing them with other team members. It highlights areas of potential conflict with team members and explores a healthy path forward so your team can operate efficiently and achieve its mission. 


A strength based assessment that highlights the unique characteristics of your personality. This robust assessment is one that is referenced throughout the coaching engagement as clients gain a greater understanding of how they're wired and how they can dial in key areas of their leadership. 

Typical Coaching Engagements

Executive Coaching

The higher you move up in an organization, the fewer people you have to go to. The responsibility is great. The outcomes are critical. The obstacles are significant. On this journey it's a powerful thing to have someone outside of your context who accepts you, believes in you, and is committed to your success.
In this engagement, we guide executives through a five-phase process designed to help them live and lead with greater impact, purpose, and joy. Clients will lead with greater effectiveness and courage while overcoming obstacles and accomplishing their goals.

Personal Coaching

Your goals and context are unique. You need to be at your best to maximize your potential and impact. That's why we customize coaching engagements to fit the needs of motivated and successful individuals. Utilizing a strengths-based perspective and holistic approach, we guide clients through a transformational process where self-discovery is at center focus. Clients can expect to identify their signature strengths and work toward dialing them in to accomplish their goals and achieve peak performance. Clients can expect clearer direction and focus in all areas of life.

Team Development

Healthy teams make a greater impact and consistently achieve their mission. This engagement ensures the organization's leadership is healthy, unified, and behaviorally cohesive. We help your leaders build trust and respect with each other, normalize conflict, improve communication, and increase performance.
This engagement is often accompanied by a strengths based team assessment that provides useful insight as members move toward understanding and appreciating your coworker's unique attributes.