EMDR Intensives

Trauma, anxiety, stress, and negative beliefs may be limiting you. That's why CKC offers EMDR Intensives. 

These intensives are designed to get you back to living life well and thriving as quickly as possible. In some cases it can expedite positive results by months. 

If EMDR Intensives sound like they could be for you, contact us to set up a free consultation to learn more. 

Our Intensive Process


Your no cost consultation is designed to provide education on EMDR, ensure that EMDR is clinically appropriate for you, and discuss next steps, including pricing. 

In this step, you will receive a personalized treatment workbook, which allows you to identify treatment goals before, during, and after your EMDR Intensive sessions.

Pre Session

Your pre session will consist of you and your therapist confirming treatment goals, and being clinically resourced for the intensive sessions.  

Intensive Session

Intensive sessions will consist of extended EMDR treatment targeting the source of adverse symptoms. These sessions are three hours in length. The intensive sessions typically allow clients to rapidly progress in treatment. Clients may choose to add additional intensive sessions as desired and clinically appropriate. 

Post Session

The post session is typically scheduled two to three weeks following the intensive session. The purpose of this section is to evaluate progress and determine next steps, if any.  


Pricing will vary based on customization of your EMDR Intensive. Please call or email for more information on pricing.