We recognize that many people don’t need counseling but want more growth and increased effectiveness. We endorse Trailhead Coaching for these needs and have made it easy for you to connect with a coach. Request a coaching consultation now by filling out the form on this page.

Coaching and counseling are different. Here are some ways to think about each as you consider what would be most helpful to you.


  • Healing
  • Recovery
  • Clinical
  • Healthy thinking/behaviors
  • Restored relationships


  • Growth
  • Future focused
  • Action steps/goals
  • Maximizing potential
  • Increasing effectiveness
  • Having a greater impact
  • Leadership development

Executive Coaching
The higher you move up in an organization, the fewer people you have to go to. The responsibility is great. The outcomes are critical. The obstacles are significant. On this journey it’s a powerful thing to have someone outside of your context, who accepts you, believes in you, and is committed to your success.

In this engagement, our coaches guide executives and business owners through a five-phased process designed to help them live and lead with greater impact, purpose, and joy. Clients will become more effective and courageous leaders, overcoming obstacles, accomplishing goals, and living better stories.

Personal Coaching
Your goals and context are unique. You need to be at your best to maximize your potential and impact. That’s why we customize coaching engagements to fit the needs of motivated and successful individuals. Utilizing a strengths-based perspective and holistic approach, we guide clients through a transformational process where self-discovery is at center focus. Clients can expect to identify their signature strengths and work toward dialing them in to accomplish their goals and achieve peak performance.

Team Development & Organizational Health
Healthy teams make a greater impact and consistently achieve their mission. This engagement ensures the organization’s leadership team is healthy, unified, and behaviorally cohesive. We help your senior leaders build trust and respect with each other, normalize conflict, improve communication, and increase performance.


    Blake Buhrman
    Blake’s passion is centered on helping professionals live and lead well. He loves engaging highly successful professionals, who are hungry to experience life to the fullest, both personally and professionally. Blake helps men and women identify their core strengths, honestly evaluate their gaps, and establish clear growth strategies for the journey of becoming more fully alive and impactful.

    Blake has held various roles in the fields of education and non-profit leadership. Most recently he has worked as a marriage and family therapist and as a consultant in both private and public sectors, helping businesses and government agencies. His clinical and executive coach training offer a unique skillset and perspective when working with clients. Alongside his wife, he also owns and operates Central Kansas Counseling.